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​Wood floors refinishing contractor.

​Wood floors installation contractor.

Natural Hardwood Floors services Methuen, Ma. and the entire Merrimack Valley. We can refinish your old dingy wood floors and make them look like new again:

"Professional and courteous wood floor installation and refinishing services"


​​Wood Floor Refinishing and Finishing services with our Dust Containment Systems: 


     Preserve the beauty of your wood floors with our dust less refinishing. Your key to indoor air quality and long-lasting beauty. 
     Unlike other companies, we make the sanding process virtually dust free by using the Bona Portable Dust Containment System and the Clarke American CAV 100 Dust Control System, the two most advanced dust containment systems available.

      Wood floor sanding used to be an extremely dusty job, hazardous to the contractor and a clean-up headache for the homeowner. The two Dust Containment Systems we use have hospital-grade Hepa filters. They are the most advanced and powerful Dust Containment Systems available, generating 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process. This will prevent the infiltration and permeation of dust into drapery, furniture, cabinets, air ducts and air conditioner units during the sanding process. Our GREENGUARD certified systems make the wood floor sanding process cleaner, healthier and faster than ever before.

      A typical refinishing job of approximately 1000 square feet takes about 2 days of sanding, with the first coat of polyurethane applied on the third day, the second coat of polyurethane applied on the fourth day, and the final coat of polyurethane applied on the fifth day. If a stain is being applied, please allow for at least one more day. 


      Natural Hardwood Floors finishes and refinishes all species of newly installed or old existing wood flooring. Our Skilled team employs experience, the latest equipment and the most environmentally safe materials to complete your job with the least possible disruption.



Staining Your Wood Floors:

      To finalize the look, we can stain your wood floors in the color of your choice. This service is also nice when you want to change an existing floor's look.